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October 10th, 2008

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10:24 pm - odds and ends
chocolate almond milk + Jagermeister  = yummy!

my post on andrea was made while sleep deprived. i'll fix the formatting so you know what i say (i only was at the intro and end--i didn't give any commentary during the comments)

ever since i switched from an ad account to a basic one, lj has been fucking shit up--like I've been getting fewer and fewer comments emailed to me when all are supposed to be. Now, like 10% of them are making it through. what's up with that? does anyone else have that?  I'm still screening non-lj friend comments, but I hope I don't miss any. If a couple days pass and it's not unscreened, and if you--honestly, now--think it should be posted by me, lemme know!

hey, RenEv isn't as bad as she often can come across. and we do need to deal with--and own up to--the blaming a violent ex-partner (not attached to porn) on saying she was injured by a costumer while stripping. bs like that doesn't help. (check her today/oct 10 posts) obviously, I think she is off base on a lot of things. Her calling us out on this lie about her isn't one of them.

also, I find myself being more filled with anger at Satsuma at Women's Space. I think heart should moderate her blog as she sees fit, but I think the mean old RenEv persona a lot of people put forth--without allowing her the contextualise herself (not that that can't wind up shooting herself in the foot)--can blind people to what is really going on. I mean, I've never heard RenEv come out as anti-welfare, anti-"handouts" for people in need, like Satsuma did. I do think RenEv and Satsuma have a lot in common, in odd ways--eg pro-capitalism, their focus on women's choosing their lot in life--and I think neither of them would admit to it. I read both, an am astonished at the similarity. But it is there.

While I'm at it, we need BOTH harm reduction and help out of prostitution--the first is the dealing with both crisis and day-to-day situations, and the latter empowers women to leave, eg job training, college. I don't think one can just have one--eg some women will fight ya kicking and screaming if you tell them "just stop! let me help you!" it's patronising. but they need the opportunity to really SEE the prostitution for what it is, through TREATING THEM LIKE HUMAN BEINGS WITH DIGNITY. Strangely, both sides often miss this. when your autonomy has been taken away from you (eg poverty, child abuse, asshole johns, misunderstandings between well-meaning, but missing the boat, antiporners and the women, kids, and men, in the situation), then prostitution can seem like a way of reclaiming autonomy. I agree that it's largely (not exclusively) false-consciousness and a survival mechanism, but it's real.

also, does anyone know of any agencies that combine the two? and/or are nonsecular (that also help women to leave prostitution)

i'm doing something huge this weekend, and talking with jacob made me realise what i was getting myself into. it hit me--and i ended up crying--when he was showing his concern, and actually giving me a chance to give my...informed consent to this. i have been mostly out of the knowledge loop, yet i'm at great risk here.

because of the last paragraph, I won't be able to get to comments until Tuesday.
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Date:October 11th, 2008 03:18 am (UTC)
Thanks. I think.

And yep, we both seem to be pro-capitalism and women choosing their lot in life...or at least some women doing so (I'm not gonna deny there are a lot of women- hell, people- who don't choose to be where they are). The difference is...wholesale condemnation of mothers, heterosexual women, sex workers, so on? Not my gig at all. Nope. I will have none. And no, I'm not anti welfare or what have you. Satsuma and I have similar traits, I guess, but from opposite ends of the spectrum. I can actually be a hell of a lot more moderate than she, it seems.

Oh, and the actual false statement involved stripping, not porn, but yeah, thanks.

And hell yes harm reduction is needed. And exit programs. All sorts of good things I have come out in favor of strongly on numerous occasions.

I'll admit I am often a very caustic asshole of a person, but I can be reasonable.

Whatever the huge thing is, good luck.
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Date:October 11th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
consider it a qualified compliment, perhaps. or saying "yes, she says shit, but we do to! let's deal with that too"

you actually are more not-blaming-the-poor and whatnot. She does, holy hell.

I'll change that re: stripping.

I think both those esposing antiprostitution views and pro-harm reduction need to "put their time, money, effort, etc where there mouth is" i actually think the harm reduction side does a better job of it, because you do more than just blog about it and do research. but the harm reduction side often doesn't have resources to help women exit; it helps give them measures of dignity, but within the context of prostitution mainly/only (eg no job training.

ps do you know of any secular/nonreligious exit-strategy resources for women in prostitution/porn/etc? A lot of them are Christian, and while I appreciate someone stepping up, I don't endorse the homophobia, etc that accompanies it.
Date:October 11th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
Job training, resume building and education were actually things a group of us talked about a lot in Chicago...very, very interesting and intense conversation, and one that in a lot of ways pointed some of us towards which way we need to go. So yeah, a lot of the harm reduction based groups are now looking to focus on this in some manner and pay more attention to it.

I do believe all of these orgs have exit strategy material and support, as well as support harm reduction, so on...I don't think too many of them are overtly religious in nature: http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2008/08/29/as-promised/

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