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June 3rd, 2004

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04:57 pm - Playboy: 50 Years of Misogyny
This is Part One. I'll write part two when i get up off my lazy butt.

“Playboy has the political role of developing the misogynist program that is then assimilated, one hand typing, into news journals left and right.” (Dworkin)

Here are some reasons to hate Playboy and its founder, Hugh Hefner:

In cartoons in Playboy, such as this one, men raping animals is presented as humorous: see http://www.nostatusquo.com/ACLU/PETA/xmas.html

Hugh Hefner himself is sexually “fascinated” by women being raped by animals both on and off the camera:

On this, see Linda Lovelace, Ordeal, specifically p. 194: "Then Hefner said that while he liked Deep Throat, he was more interested by the movie I'd made with a dog (forced sex by her batterer husband described on pages 105-113).
"Oh, you saw that one?" Chuck (her batterer husband) said. "Oh that was terrific," Hefner said, "You know, we've tried that several times, tried to get a girl and a dog together, but it has never worked out." "Yeah, that can be very tricky," Chuck said, "the chick's got to know what she's doing." "That's something I'd like to see," Hefner said, "I think I've seen every animal flick (sic) ever made but--" Then Chuck offers Linda as a "willing" participant. (Adams)

Child Sexual Abuse
Playboy, in both text and pictures, promotes the sexual abuse of children. For example, Playboy has run articles written by members of pedophile organizations, such as the North American Man-Boy Love Association and Uncommon Desires, for “man-girl sex enthusiasts.” One article even said that: “[t]he largest child-pornography ring in the United States is run by the Government. It is possible that without Uncle Sam, there would be no child-porn business.” (Lawrence Stanley; cited by Smith) Playboy also lets its readers know that women make up stories of child sexual abuse because they can’t deal with their own aggression. Playboy also advises its readers that “safe sex” with “…virgins or very young lovers…cut down your chances of being exposed to the virus.” (Smith)
Hugh has sex with and has photo-shoots with underage girls:

Dorothy Stratten, a Playboy centerfold…was tricked and intimidated into photo sessions by Snider, who then sold the photos and access to Dorothy herself to Hefner. Ms. Stratten said she was sexually molested by Hefner. After her death, Hefner was made aware that Ms. Stratten had hated the pornography made of her and had hated posing for it. He responded by issuing more videotapes of Ms. Stratten posing…The women used by Hefner personally and in the magazine are rarely much over eighteen. Ms. Stratten was underage when she was initially pimped to Hefner. (Dworkin and MacKinnon)

This exploitation is otherwise known as rape, statutory rape, child molestation, and child pornography.

Playboy also promotes the rape of women. The magazine characterizes rape victims as hysterical and competitive at best and outright liars and villainous “man haters” at worst. Asa Baber characterized feminists’ activism against rape as this: “The trend in this complicated arena of sexual politics is definitely against us, gentlemen [sic]. A lynch mob could be just outside your door.” (cited by Dworkin) It defines feminists’ definition of rape as giving “women a simple way of thinking about sex that externalizes guilt, remorse or conflict. Bad feeling’s after sex become someone else’s fault.” (cited by Dworkin) The message behind this is that women can’t face up to the fact that they had sex; that they run around screaming “Rape” because of bad sex (but if it was bad, it must be her fault), or just because they feel guilty (Puritanism is the root of all evil).
Hugh Hefner has also raped women. “For instance, Linda Marchiano…was pimped to Hefner by her then-husband, Chuck Traynor. Hefner sodomized her and tried to have her have intercourse with a dog.” (Dworkin and MacKinnon) This is also reported by Linda herself. See Ordeal and Out of Bondage by Linda Lovelace (the publisher lists the author as that. That was the name when her husband/pimp changed her name, to give her a “porn star” name.)

Hugh’s Enemies
Hugh Hefner believes that feminists who challenge his misogyny are the “natural enemy”. A feminist battle call and Hugh’s answering cry are quoted:

We sisters join together to fight you, your Playboy empire and everything you represent, and we shall build instead a society in which women and men are free to relate to each other as human beings of dignity and worth. Until you no longer oppose this, you shall have no peace (the Mountain Moving Day Brigade; cited by Stoltenberg)

These chicks are our natural enemy...It is time we do battle with them...What I want is a devastating piece that takes the militant feminists apart. They are unalterably opposed to the romantic boy-girl society that Playboy promotes...Let's go to it and make it a real winner. (Hefner; cited by Stoltenberg, ellipses his; see also Steinem)
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Date:June 4th, 2004 05:59 pm (UTC)

I don't understand

It isnt that I don't understand what you are trying to say, I do, but I think that you are taking the matter of Playboy too seriously. Playboy does make women seem objectified, but maybe you should think about calming down your bias and somewhat feminist view on Playboy. It is the frivolity and the careless nature of playboy that seems to draw its readers to the magazine; they are not looking to rape fourteen year old girls or animals, but especially in the fifties, the sexual revolution was bound to happen - we had to let our hair down someday, and in that way it was absolutely inevitable. I agree that these days there really are too many rappers, for example, with the twenty chicks, the booze, and the bling. Of course, Hugh M. Hefner chose this life and he does not sit there in his pyjamas while waiting not to be judged. I personally do not read Playboy, or Maxim, but I do not mind my idea. it is just my point of view. People dont create weblogs such as play girls because they want to promote rape, it is the female sexuality that shows. All of us have this. All women want to be seen as beautiful, sometimes we want to be provokative. I am not sure whether you are male or female, but if you are a female, havent you ever felt like you just wanted to have fu-un, like cyndi lauper? I am not saying that all girls are like that... and Im not saying that I am like that. I personally know one of the girls from play_girls and i guess that it is just the wonder of sexuality shining through. We are all intrigued and scared by it. So, I know this is your opinion... and I am just stating mine. Do not bash them for...promoting rape, or promoting child porn without really knowing what they are about first.
Date:September 2nd, 2006 02:37 pm (UTC)

Re: I don't understand

Why does it matter what they are originally about? If they are promoting rape and child porn, they are promoting rape and child porn, and that should be stopped..

I think the sexual revolution perhaps started off as a good thing for women, but now they are merely being turned back into objects again with these kinds of magazines.

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