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September 30th, 2008

02:27 pm
My comment policy just got stricter. Yes, I am an evul censor. Boo hoo. I won't delete most pro-porn, pro-bdsm, and/or abusive comments, but they will remain screened. Some I will let through, some I'll even delete. I don't owe people an explanation. My blog, not yours.

PS Some of you people deserve a big "GO TO HELL" for the comments you left. So there it is.
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September 29th, 2008

03:53 am - Look who the cat dragged in...

I think I handled that well.

A couple other things:

If you're Canadian, please vote this October 14! We need to get rid of Harper! I suggest NDP. That's who I'm voting fer :) Liberals have shown that they won't really do shit to stop the Tories, as well as will actively support the asshat. The Greens are ex-cons, still cons, and other assorted capitalists :P Here's the NDP's platform: http://www.ndp.ca/xfer/campaign2008/Platform_2008_EN.pdf

Any vegans/animal rights folk? I need your help!


I am hoping to go to this. *fingers crossed* The only way I can afford it would be to split a vehicle with people, and I'd pay my share of gas:

Oh, I finally got rid of the ads and went back to basic account. I didn't realise everyone saw ads on it. It just wasn't worth it.

Last thing (for now), my JHR conference ended early Sunday, so I randomly found a pro-choice protest in Toronto, the corner of Bloor and Spadina (I believe), and joined it :)

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September 25th, 2008

02:14 pm
I've lj-friends only'ed several of my recent posts on porn, because I've been linked to on pro-porn blogs lately. The will remain such for a while, but probably not permanently. Just waiting for the storm to end. The main reason for this is they are not only focusing on me, but on my friends and other supportive comments. And they are saying complete anthro poop about us. If you want to read those entries, and aren't on my flist, and you're an awesome feminist, I'll friend ya back. Or I can email it to you.

I'm sure others have things to say about the way our words have been misheard and twisted, so either comment on this open entry, or on the newly friends-only recent entries.

I won't be able to respond to comments, or unscreen future ones until Monday. I'm going to a Journalists for Human Rights Conference in Toronto this weekend, and I need to leave this evening for it. But I'll be getting the 10pm bus from K-Town--the last one of the night--because I've a Medical Ethics night class. So if you're near the Toronto Greyhound station/around Spadina/around U of T/at the conference, maybe I'll see ya around ;)

But, I will be missing tomorrow's Critical Mass in KW, which is gonna be freakin' massive and awesome. I hope to live this one vicariously through videos, photos, and stories about it. This will be the only one I've missed since the first one of this year (in April, I believe). It's always awesome tho, even when for August's one, we only had about thirty people. This one will have over 200, easily. And I heard it'll be pirates vs ninjas! hahaha...come hell or high water, I definitely want to go to the Hallowe'en CM. Shit--it'll be ace.

Oh, also, my essay "I'd slice her: Feminism, Pornography, and Sex" was published at the other university in Waterloo's Women's Centre publication, Voices. Yays! It was slightly edited, revised and shortened before I sent it in.

So for a little bragging to help brighten my day :P, this is what the editor said in response to my submission:

"Wow! That is brilliant. Thank you so much for writing this. I was really hoping that someone would submit something on the ejaculation industry (much better term) and this is perfect. I've only read over it for content. Everything flows really well, the arguments are set up naturally, and it made me very angry/frustrated with the ejaculation industry all over again as I read it. Fantastic.
"No worries about taking your time. It is a very well-written and edited article. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this together and doing it with such care.
"Thank you again for this submission. I really do appreciate it."

Here are some more fantastic songs:

Sarah Slean - Sweet Ones
Public Enemy - Fight the Power
PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig
Ani DiFranco - Letter to a John
Manic Street Preachers w/Traci Lords  - Little Baby Nothing
Blue October - Angel

* I have audio of the Slean and Manics songs, and can make upload them if requested.

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September 15th, 2008

This is the fucking shit: http://community.livejournal.com/manics_lolz/155685.html

Made me laugh my ass off ;)

I'll try and be here more often. I'm on facebook and gmail chat way more tho, so you can get in touch with me there. :)

I am hopelessly lost on friends entries, so if there is are entries anyone wants me to read, just lemme know.

PS I need to write more Nicky/Richey sexytime story!

And tell ya what I've been up to.

here's another few fantastic songs:

Tool - Prison Sex

Tori Amos - Sister Janet

Propagandhi - Back to the Motor League

Alix Olson - Subtle Sister
and another amazing version (the second one explains why she wrote it too)

-I've the Tori, Propagandhi, and Alix Olson songs, and can make them available as an audio download if anyone wants :)

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August 18th, 2008

12:13 pm - 10 Random Favourite Songs
Climax Blues Band - Couldn't Get It Right

PJ Harvey - Happy and Bleeding

Consolidated - Butyric Acid

Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking

Tori Amos - Zero Point

Manic Street Preachers - Mausoleum

Depeche Mode - Death's Door (live)

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (live, Clapton, McCartney, etc)

Storm Large - Ladylike (aka What the Fuck Is Ladylike) live (both versions are fantastic :) )

NY Loose - Spit

* audio download. Rest are youtube vids. I have audio copies of MSP, Tori, NY Loose, Beatles, and Bikini Kill and can make avail of if requested.
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August 13th, 2008

09:06 pm - Because I don't want to inundate Debi with comments
Why am I bothering? I must secretly enjoy metaphorically banging my head against a brick wall :P Debi blogged about my post on her. And a whole lotta screwy things were said by several people, including her.


First, I’ll say this: I didn't unscreen people’s comments until earlier tonight because I’ve a life outside the internet. Everyone who isn’t logged in as a lj friend of mine is screened. I didn’t delete the comment that the person claimed I did--I didn’t delete anyone’s. I

People really need to get their dictionary skills up to date with this slur “essentialism.” It’s this big evul thing to be these days, yet it’s almost never defined, and is almost always applied only or primarily to radical feminists.

Other blood can be used to paint, fertilise, etc. Such as blood wrought in bdsm or self-harm or killing animals, but I specifically excluded those by saying that menstrual blood doesn’t result from pain. The others come from harm, not a naturally occurring process that usually lasts for 3-7 days a month for 30-40 years. It’s beyond a snide “SPECIAL,” genius. And I can follow your thinking--blood=blood--but means makes a huge difference. Or is slitting your skin open the same as having a uterus that doesn’t have a fetus in it?

I wasn’t defending trans women’s exclusion from Michfest. I don’t know were I stand on it. But it is hypocritical to welcome very butch women and trans men while excluding trans women. Earlier, I posted the video that is making the rounds from you tube by a trans woman calling for inclusion in the festival. I don’t think lack of menstruation is grounds for exclusion--but, again, menstruation can’t be dismissed as “essentialism” or just as a matter of bleeding. Call me anti-anti-trans, not pro-trans :P (And so this is not misunderstood, it’s a joke referencing people who aren’t anti-porn calling themselves anti-anti-porn.) And what’s so bad about shit being used as fertiliser, or even semen--that attempt at snark was made of fail, because they are very useful to fertilise, and I support their use (eg humanure--using human feces to fertilise).

I don’t think third gender people are “whatsits.” Since it was brought up, a trans woman I know identifies as third gendered, not as a woman. Another identifies as a transgender person. Another as genderqueer. Another I know has a female alter ego, Nikki to his “everyday” male one. And so on. Some trans women do not regard themselves as women. Also, not all trans women think they should be included in “wbw“-only events and spaces. “…are not any more thrilled with this prospect [of being a “shamanlike third gender whatsit“] than you or I would necessarily be, hm?” Huh? I want to throw out gender, accepting our personalities, interests, etc without reference to masculinity, femininity, or even genderfuck. We could even categorise ourselves, if we choose to, based on our personality colour (see The Apartheid of Sex by Martine Rothblatt). Some trans surgery would still exist, but in a far smaller numbers, because the body DOES matter, but how much of it is socially constructed in reference to sex (as in genitals, adam’s apple size, breasts, etc) remains to be seen. We don’t yet have access to ungendered sex, let alone the unsexed body. I would argue that the body cannot not be sexed, as it cannot not be raced (eg sickle cell anemia/menstruation/pregnancy only happens to the sex and raced Other).


Read more...Collapse )



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August 9th, 2008

11:52 pm

wow! i really, really, really like anji. she's also ghostlove on di here lj


will add her to my fave blogs stat
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August 6th, 2008

09:11 am - “I’d slice her:” Feminism, Pornography, and Sex
my essay, minus biblio

“I’d slice her:” Feminism, Pornography, and Sex

            There is no argument: pornography is big business. Estimates of its profits range from seven to twelve billion annually for the US alone. Canadian profits hover around one billion. Worldwide, the profit is well over fifty billion. Adding other aspects of the ejaculation industry (“sex industry”; Seiya Morita in Stark and Whisnant, 2004), one can imagine the absolutely astronomical amounts (Dines, 2007; Lubben, 2008). There is argument: who is buying it? Men and boys, especially white and/or moneyed ones. People who are self-describe as “porn neutral” and “sex-positive” are always discussing the “facts” that women consume pornography; that there are women making it; that women are just as visual as men, so women should buy it;  that women are less visual than men, so they buy a softer, kinder porn with plot; ad nauseum.

It is true that girls and women consume pornography, but they get the reverse messages than boys and men watching the same product. Seeing pornography increases the likelihood of sexual abuse for women and girls, making it unlikely that many willingly consume it. Pornography is also implicated in the sexual abuse of boys, but boys are socialised to transform woman and child abuse into their and other men’s pleasure (e.g. Dworkin, 1981; Jeffreys, 1990; MacKinnon, 2002; Russell, 1994; Russell, 2006). The average age of first viewing pornography is eleven (Lubben, 2008); I was eight. I don’t remember the first image I saw, or my very first reaction, but I soon incorporated it into my sexuality. I had been masturbating since babyhood and added pornography—in which I include those toxic “romance” novels which train women in submission—as a forbidden, but oh-so-appealing adjunct. Much of the appeal came from the fact that my mother was opposed to it—an immature, common view of transgression which defines rebellion as doing something just to spite the rule maker. I do know it must have had unacknowledged effects; even now, I can remember some of the images and videos. One sticks in my memory in particular: a blonde, pornified (Paul, 2005), large breasted woman is on her hands and knees, head back, mouth open to admit a disjointed descending penis. When I was nine, I began self-harming, in junior high I struggled with disordered eating. Even when the conscious mind forgets, the subconscious and the body can’t (Herman, 1994; Strong, 1998). I used to believe in rape myths, the beauty myth (Jeffreys, 2005; Wolf, 1991), the myth of the vaginal orgasm—in spite of all my orgasms being clitoral—and assorted other porn-instilled phantasies/phallacies.


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July 25th, 2008

01:56 pm - this is what welcomed me when i checked my antiporn petition
this is really racist, misogynist, vile crap.

this is what porn consumers think of women, porn, etc. they HATE women. needless to say "jacklyn" is a man.

i've deleted them from the petition, but if you want to see the petition it's here

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July 23rd, 2008

06:12 pm
this is absolutely fucking ridiculous


"pinups for troops"? wtf?!>!>!>!&*#&*(_

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July 20th, 2008

03:32 pm - update on evolutionary psych post
my post yesterday on evolutionary psychology resulted in several comments on facebook, and several replies by me. so i'll post them here for people who aren't friends with me on fb:

Winnie (aka demonista):

ok, i think sexuality is a social construction. i certainly am not arguing that men rape out of a need to reproduce--i'm arguing that evolutionary psychology is wrong in part because rape has so LITTLE to do with men's wish to reproduce. evolutionary biology makes the claim that rape exists to increase men's chances of reproduction. but wouldn't a woman be more likely to carry to term and not kill a fetus then potential child who was created out of a great, willing sexual experience with a man than rape?

i think men rape out of sheer enjoyment of it, power-tripping, belief in rape myths, belief in male superiority, because male approval matters in patriarchy, the low chance of being jailed, etc.

the view that men are biologically programmed to rape does nothing to explain why it was men who were so programmed. why weren't women? if a woman repeatedly forcibly enveloped a man (fear can cause erection), she'd probably get pregnant, thereby helping to continue the species. the counterargument is that women are "naturally" monogamous. that is also never actually explained. again, if a woman raped only one man repeatedly, that would have her remain monogamous. and if monogamy in women is natural, why have so many women not been so, throughout history? so, the argument may turn to women's natural nonviolence. what about the amazons? they were very well-known for their prowess in battle, and there were stories about them torturing, raping, and killing the men they captured. those latter were largely false, but they did create a female-supremacist tribal system.

also, if men are biologically more violent, why are there female sex abusers (remember they are 15-20% of the sexual abusers of boys), abuse in lesbian relationships, female guards in nazi concentration camps, women who abuse their children, etc, etc

if men are innately rapists, why do so many men report never wanting to rape women? why are men raised by single moms and lesbians less violent, having better relationships with women, etc? why do so many young boys feel a revulsion to violence, eg the boy, with his dad on his first hunting trip, who sees that a duck is still living, wants to bring em home and nurse em back to health, and starts to cry when his dad's friend bashes the ducks brains out an a rock? why did jean piaget find that children, including boys, instill life like their own into all other humans, trees, the earth, dogs, etc? why some men are absolutely repulsed by rape?

men are violent to the extent they've been conditioned to be such and to the extent they do not reject such training.

shere hite, andrea dworkin, and john stoltenberg provide some of the best explanations on how men become violent. i advise reading hite's the hite report on male sexuality, and the hite report on the family, andrea dworkin's pornography--an online excerpt is here: http://www.nostatusquo.com/ACLU/dworkin/PornMen&Boys1.html, and stoltenberg's refusing to be a man and the end of manhood.

to quote dworkin:

"How does it happen that the male child whose sense of life is so vivid that he imparts humanity to sun and stone changes into the adult male who cannot grant or even imagine the common humanity of women?
"...the boy has a choice: remain loyal to the mother who is in reality degraded, without authority against the father, unable to protect the child from the father's violence or the violence of other adult men, or become a man, one who has the power and the right to hurt, to use force, to use his will and physical strength over and against women and children. Be the mother--do the housework--or be the father--carry a big stick. Be the mother--be fucked--or be the father--do the fucking. The boy has a choice. The boy chooses to become a man because it is better to be a man than a woman.
"Becoming a man requires that the boy learn to be indifferent to the fate of women. Indifference requires that the boy learn to experience women as objects. The poet, the mystic, the prophet, the so-called sensitive man of any stripe, will still hear the wind whisper and the trees cry. But to him, women will be mute. He will have learned to be deaf to the sounds, sighs, whispers, screams of women in order to ally himself with other men in the hope that they will not treat him as a child, that is, as one who belongs with the women."

in respect to your vampire comparison, there are vampire slayers. so i suppose their should be women to be "rapist slayers."

in respect to burroughs, that man was a misogynist, racist, homophobic pedophile. of course he would argue women are a mistake--he wants to justify the creation of a world without women, and the presence of "lesser" males only to the extent they provide fodder for male orgasm and otherwise serve the "supermen."

if one or the other is superfluous, men are. their contribution to reproduction is miniscule--sperm. women could freeze a few thousand men's sperm, kill all the men, and then keep reproducing for millenia. it is a male phantasy/phallacy that women are the mistake, that women are the one's not needed for survival.

for example, take our differing relationships with blood. most women and pubescent girls bleed for several days each month. this blood is not the blood of injury, but of life, strength, artistry, etc. boys are taught by men to see menstrual blood as ugly, poisonous, dirty, and the women who bleed but do not die as untrustworthy and malignant. they are told to worship the blood that men can bring forth: the blood of suffering and death. in war, hunting animals, murder, rape, and so on blood is rendered. a boy's first kill is an initiation into manhood, crossculturally. what does that say about manhood (as opposed to being male-bodied), that it can only fully realise itself by causing another's destruction?

this was not to say that men are redundant, or that men are doomed to remain in such a state, or that they cannot cultivate a more women-centred relation to blood, but to say that men can be different. if i didn't think so, my politics would not be what they were; feminism would have no chance of ever changing things.

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July 19th, 2008

09:17 pm

i need to get to reading this blog. it's a friend of mine's. but i hafta catch up on lj first tho. i've read a few hundred entries already, only about 400 more to go! :P
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06:23 pm - Inclusion of transwomen

this is a fantastic video, calling for the inclusion of transwomen in the michigan womyn's festival

i keep on going back and forth on this issue--i agree with much of both sides (wimmin-raised-as-girls-only vs trans inclusion)

i definitely believe that if transmen are allowed, transwomen should be.

it's hypocritical to let in a group who id as men, yet exclude a highly victimised group who id as women who have even LESS space than wimmin-raised-as-girls do.
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05:36 pm - the startings of a rant about evolutionary psychology
it's a load of crap.

to expand, it's a scientific theory by rich, educated by patriarchal western systems, white men to justify the continuation of the systems that privilege them in the first place (eg sexism and misogyny, racism, classism). evolutionary psychology, natural selection, and so forth would be interpreted radically differently from how they currently are if women of all races and men of colour were the ones cultivating these theories.

here's a couple examples:

rape - they try to argue that the desire for rape is biologically inherent within men as a result of natural selection so they can "spread their seed" to as many women (read: vaginas) as possible, thereby increasing chances of reproducing their genes, and demonstrating their "potency." one particularly notorious offender is the excuse of a book called "a natural history of rape" by thornhill and palmer (http://www.amazon.ca/Natural-History-Rape-Biological-Coercion/dp/0262700832/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1216503770&sr=8-4)

this is one of the worst examples of it's justification of misogyny and rape. the vast majority of rape doesn't even have the chance of resulting in pregnancy, consider many of the victim groups of which this almost always is true:

men (1 in 9 of all reported adult rapes, 98% by men),

boys (1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18, about 85% by men),

prepubescent girls (nearly 40% of girls will be sexually abused by the age of 18, 95% of the time by men, with the average age being 11)

menopausal women (no longer fertile; see below because the rate of victimization for women 40 and older is not that much lower than for women in their 20s and 30s)

menstruating women (not fertile during menstruation; see below)

2/3 of women will experience sexual assault during their lives; US statistics on rape as legally defined range from 1 in 3 to 1 in 8, depending on sample group, which legal wording/definition, etc)

transpeople, esp transwomen (have victimization rates comparable to or slightly higher than the rates for women, and far higher than the ones for men)

rarer groups that are targeted for rape include: corpses, animals that are usually female, and babies of either/any sex

Now, compounding the above is the fact that most rape isn't vaginal penetration with the rapist's penis--such as orally, anally, with the rapist's hand, objects such as bottles, broomsticks, pool cues, dildoes, tree branches, knives, and guns--one is left wondering:

how can all this result in pregnancy?

the additional fact of women using birth control pills, the morning after pill, and abortion to control their fertility--and which can be used in the result of a rape--really "problematises" (read: calls bullshit) on the theory that rape is

but, you may say, birth control didn't exist thousands of years ago, when this primitive rape instinct developed in men. but it did--contraception dates back over 4000 years, abortion is even older, and infanticide is the oldest.

i would also add: what about the rapists who, in spite off all those classes of victims and types of rape listed, went with the less-common-than-believed form of rape regarded as "actual" or "real" rape (penis-in-vagina) with a woman who could be fertile, use a condom?

but, but! someone may have the gall to say, rape is still an instinct within men! if it were, wouldn't the vast majority of men rape, if "sex" (read: penis-in-vagina "thrusting") is an "instinct" as strong as hunger and the avoidance of death(!), and rape is instinctual, too, wouldn't all men be slavering rapists? or at least, most of them? and why would men visit prostitutes, one of the most abusive uses of women, children, and men that the johns most decidedly do not want to result in any consequences for them, including children. if men are as awful as the theory suggests, wouldn't men be better off killing themselves off? why should women put up with men biologically programed to be rapists?

i guess that's what makes feminists the manhaters--the belief that women shouldn't have to endure rape as the price of men existing, the view that the theory serves to excuse men's choices, conditioning, and benefits within a rape culture.
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June 27th, 2008

05:09 am - Is this a good laptop choice for me?

I'm considering buying it. Good idea or no?

ps razorblade is a fantastic song
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June 14th, 2008

11:35 pm - just a wee update
i'm vegan now, except for honey (still consume it). for a week and a half.

i'm debating whether to be 100% vegan, or to have egg and milk products found through dumpster diving (i've not had milk or eggs at all, at least not yet, btw)--is it better to not support it or consume it at all? or is it better to not have the bagels, pie, granola bars, etc not go to the landfill when none of my money is going to the milk/egg industries? i wouldn't ever eat animal flesh, unless we're gonna start cannibalism too. then, i'd consider having roadkill.

i'm really interested in the convo that went on here: http://community.livejournal.com/transfeminism/83223.html.  in my experience, with radfem esp, transmen are far more accepted than transwomen. also transwomen are far more excoriated than transmen by radfem women.

i went to an anarchist book fair today. nearly got andrea smith's conquest, but it cost too much--i'm poor and $18 is a helluva lot for a book. and an anarchist i am not. i really was witness to the dissonance between "radical anarchafeminism" and actual radical feminism. i mean, i adore many men, but am far more critical of patriarchy, men as a group and as individuals, etc than anarchafeminists are. it is just beyond me how "capitalism" is blamed for everything (and i'm very anti-capitalist).

going out clubbing--for the 3rd night in a row. they're for good causes--terre's b-day, dinh's b-day, and tj's going away party.

i've discovered jack off jill--they're fucking awesome. same with consolidated--whooooaaa!

animals feel pain. what a shocker. but it kinda makes me feel better about sometimes killing insects and spiders that i find in my home.

i just wanna say, heart isn't perfect, but she's better than many of the jackass "feminists" who hate her. eg, re: white privilege, a white woman is comprimised in her white privilege thro her relationship with her male of colour partner and interracial children. "feminists," mostly white, do not get to invalidate her words based purely on the fact that she is white. people WILL perceive her differently, and she will face racism against her kids, husband, and herself.

i've been biking like a winger, esp between waterloo and kitchener (like 15-30 min, depending on where I go)  my tires are kinda fucked tho.

i'll be writing a anti-"men's rights" piece, probs with two men. i've not started yet, but have spoken with one of them extensively online.

also, i need to read more work from women of colour, eg andrea smith, bell hooks, gloria anzaldua...any other suggestions of other radical WOC/Womanists/radfems?

victoria woodhull was the 1st woman to run for pres, with frederick douglass as her runningmate, in the US. i like to think the country, and in ways the world, could be an awesome place if they got in. they should've. i hafta say i think obama is a better choice than h. clinton. but not by a lot--of course she's fucked up more than he, she's been involved in "politics" far longer than he. but really, ralph nader or heart should win. people always say that she's transphobic and they hate her fucking guts, but do they honestly think most other's would be better? come the fuck on. cheryl is a fantastic way to go.

holy racism, batman! http://www.cracked.com/article_15677_9-most-racist-disney-characters.html

lastly: please, please, PLEASE spread the word near and far on my petition. it doesn't even have 100 sigs. I can't do much with that in changing Rogers :( ...'cept maybe a protest. but it would be ineffectual judging by the petition. so please sign it (if you haven't yet), spread it along to peeps you know, post it in feminist blogs, etc. link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rogersnoporn/.
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May 5th, 2008

02:12 am

i find that very refusing to identify with victims

"and so, she [andrea dworkin] shouldn't be speaking for those of the human race who have not been raped or beaten. i am special because i am a female who has only had positive sexual experiences. and i attribute that to my background, my location, and my education of keeping myself out of trouble. i am not interested in a raped woman telling me how sex affects me."

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April 23rd, 2008

11:35 pm - OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD.
http://community.livejournal.com/debunkingwhite/680212.html OR http://community.livejournal.com/feminist/3103836.html (same entry, diff comments, obviously)

Needs reading. Demands action.
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08:08 pm - from the mouth of a john/consumer, and I'll be scoping out Roger's and would like company
this asshole signed my petition with his vitriol twice:




consumers just LOVE women, don't they?

Also, I plan on checking out if the Roger's movie rental stores sell porn sometime between April 24-early May and if so, the covers and titles and whatnot. I would REALLY appreciate company, so if ya can, give me a shout!

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05:03 am - Essays I need to write someday, and my friend's band, yo :P
-Radfem transwomen: eg what is more important a women-raised-as-girls (my term for "women-born-women") only group, or a radfem-only/friendly group? I say, the latter; eg why are transwomen judged so much more harshly than women-raised-women for the same things (eg adhering to binary) -rock and hard place, eg if loud and talk a lot, seen as silencing women; if quiet and listening seen as believing women should be silent and support others.

-Drag shows I've been too: mixed blessing -present binary gender, misogynist -but i do think it's unintentional, most of the men are disempowered compared to other men, eg are gay, of colour, overweight, feminine -eg calling women common bitches, hookers, such binary views of gender--high heels, a lot of make up, hyperfeminine clothing, women as sex workers, singers, college girl archetype -at one show, the audience was told to throw change at the poor drag queens. i felt as if i was at a set up for gang rape... -drew performing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful"--gorgeous; made me cry--showed his humanity, frailty, etc.

-Drag kings (tie in with drag queens?): views of masculinity are much freer than drag queens' views of femininity, eg geek, gangster, tuxedo'ed gent, androgynous/pretty, genderqueer -but some do objectify women

-Masculinities: black, gay, working-class, third-world, christian, islamic, educated, rich, left vs right, etc. -all have the view that whatever men are, women are not, eg reading--women either forbidden or relegated to "romance" and "chick lit" while men read philosophy, sociology, action, western, and everything else -in working-class and black masc, reading is effeminate and womanly, because it's seen as luxury/waste of time/leisure--something women and "faggots" and other "nancy" boys do because they have the time. when you work 14 hours a day, you don't have time to read books, so it's associated with "sissy" (white, economically-advantaged, British English, artsy) men (classics) and "lazy housewives" (romance).

-Pro-porn feminism: eg "feminist" porn awards honouring fucking Vivid. Come on... How responsible are women who choose to be in the sex industry and defend it? What happened to "the personal is political?"

-Erasure and slandering of radfems -what's with all these pro-porners and third-wavers appropriating audre lorde, alice walker, bell hooks--ie portraying lorde as pro-bdsm? -charges of anti-sex, anti-men....

-Erasure of black women as black women, eg seen as only black or only women; relationships between white women and black men; black women seen as betrayers of black men; we need a word for racist misogyny/misogynist racism -I'm reading Michele Wallace's Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman, and she is providing a lot of inspiration on this -also, the erasure of native women from feminism -i think they're also erased from radfem, esp native women...or is that just my erroneous info?

-Content analysis of porn avail on Rogers, what other films the companies sold offer online, etc.

-Connections between women and animals, eg sexualisation, objectification, "happy meat" and "happy porn", bestiality porn--97% of it couples women with animals, chickens as "hookers," women as meat flanks - the saying "women are treated like meat" and the like are an implicit recognition of this--the treatment of women as connected with the treatment of animals -abuse of female cows, pigs, chickens, etc as reproductive machines, forcibly impregnated then young stolen from them -animals used as training ground to then test on women--reproductive technologies and animal testing, cloning--mostly on females.

Also, this is my friends Kendra's band: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=10235546. So fuckin' rocks. As she has said: "I could've been a rock star, but i went to university instead." She was kidding, but it's true!
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April 11th, 2008

05:35 pm - Durrrr? Porn is sooo liberating? And you know this because you've jerked off to it?!?
In how many ways is this wrong? And unwittingly revealing about the truth behind porn.

"Perhaps, like the Hartleys and Youngs and Queens of the world, for a Companion (or porn performer), being a sex toy for the object of your desire can be hot, empowering, rewarding, orgasmic and fun. Or, lucrative and more sport than intimacy. I am not, nor have ever been a porn performer or sex worker, but as a consumer and porn critic I can say with authority that women who don't really want to be in porn get out fast, quickly replaced by the next ambitious starlet in line who wants to do the job."


via, http://community.livejournal.com/feminist/3102452.html. Some idiocy lies within there too. For example: "
I'd appreciate it if we could stop it with the compulsory heterosexuality here. Not all porn even involves women and the presumption that porn == the degradation of women is problematic. Poor labour practices are a problem, but making porn only a women's issue misleading."

But some excellent stuff has come about too, namely "
i am of the opinion that sexuality has been ruined due to capitalist porn industry. and yeah, there are porn companies and collectives that try to not take part in any dehumanizing, violent, degrading, objectifying, heterosexist, misogyny, but they're still following the example. It'd be nice to live in a world where there are no sexual expectations based on visual stimulus placed upon people and women. I know so many people's who's lives have been affected negatively because of pornography, and im not about to take part in it."

If you are a member, feel free to comment there. stitchedsutures already has, so kudos. I love what she has to say, but want you to actually check it out (on the feminist link).

I would comment, but have been banned. But that ain't stopping me from doing it here :P

Also, another plug for my petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rogersnoporn/index.html.

Lastly, i think I'm winning the "battle" over here: http://community.livejournal.com/_feminism/59030.html.

Peace out. For now.

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April 9th, 2008

05:51 pm - sex dreams make me happy
out of the past 4 nights, i've had sex dreams about lovely feminist boys for 3 of them. the first 2 were peeps i knew, we'll call them B and A. The first invovled a lot of masturbation talk, leading to mutual demonstration, and outercourse  while in our underwear (dryhumping)...teehee! A was me talking about porn and converting him to being anti-porn and being very supportive of my views (I was crying in the dream) and talking and kissing it better; it was more of a cuddles and comfort dream than sex dream...generalised sensation from full body cuddling....
the third was weird, but it happens with me. it was of two characters from degrassi the next generation--emma, the daughter of  spike and a character i find rather narcissistic, and marco, the gay boy and i character i loves--i wish he had made an exception for ellie--they're two of my faves. but i think it was about emma because although i don't like her, she deserved better than she got often. it involved them talking about his sexual preference--my subconscious conveniently made him 70% gay, 30% straight, negotiating what they would do in various public places--out in a side yard of a house, then a table with a group of people at it, an elevator (it switched between the latter two). it included cunnilingus, marco apologising  after they had to stop because they were interupted because she didn't reach orgasm, and saying he would make it up to her,  making it up to her at the dining table, with his hand in her pants (i remember her being very pleased at how right on he clitorally stimulated her), and him proposing intercourse when they were on the elevator and her declining, suggesting outercourse, and he jovially agreed, asking clothed or unclothed? so they chose both :) sex is lovely. feminist boys/boys who respect girls = lovely. is happy. eeeeeee!!!!

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02:08 pm - pro-porn "feminism" astounds

"I make porn. Some of it includes me doing some pretty violent, completely consensual things to women and men. The same women in the videos that are bottoming to me are in several videos topping other women or men or sometimes trannies. Nothing of mine is for sale via Rogers Communications, but I'm curious whether you'd our work banned. We haven't done any age play (all adult actors) videos yet, but we just might someday.

Who decides what's racist, misogynistic, pedophilic, rapist, etc.?"

I just can't bring myself to respond to the comment. I'd be too angry. And say she's a hypocrite, no feminist, etc because she seems to be defending treating women as and calling them "filthy asian whores" "black bitches" "cocksucking daughters" and so on (those are just from TITLES of porn movies that I listed in the petition).

And she can't seem to tell the diff between a corporation being pressured into not selling something that has a million other avenues to be consumed, and banning.

And who decides what's racist, misogynist, pedophilic, rapist, etc? Certainly not you, genius. I think Andrea Dworkin, Nawal El Saadawi, James Baldwin, Gail Dines, etc, etc are far better judges. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=5003155114018800220&q=gail+dines&total=8&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 is vital watching. How in fuck is "filthy asian whore" and "slant eyed sluts" not those things? or saying "Supermodel beauties get turned into shameless, man-meat loving slaves! It's a spanking good time!", "the industry's biggest rods breaking in the tightest vixens they can find. Someone may have to call an ambulance!", "It might hurt, but it's the good kind of hurting!",  "the directors break off a piece" and on and on... fucking hell!

Or should I post this in response? It may get my ass in trouble from the mods. I kinda want to. Or maybe I'll just direct her here and let her decide if she wants to read it.

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12:38 am

 via http://ginmar.livejournal.com/1372084.html?style=mine#cutid1. about rape of female soldiers, esp. by fellow male soldiers.

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April 7th, 2008

10:05 pm

this is an excellent site, tracking pop culture's misogyny in particular

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