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Demonista is moving!

To wordpress!

I may still post personal stuff here. I'm undecided. EDITED: I do still post here :D

Many of my initial posts will be really old stuff from here.

So many of the other radfems have joined wordpress, and I think it's a better blog than lj :P
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Radfem Carnival pt 1 and a personal tidbit

Heyos, part one of the carnival of radical feminists is up at

And, this weekend, I had a very positive sexual experience with one of the boys I have a big crush on. EEEEE!!! He's lovely.

edited to add: I just read 175 friends entries. I'm sorry to my friends who are having very difficult times. Hope you get better, a lot better.
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Call Out for the next Carnival of Radical Feminists

You can submit old, new, newish, etc. writings. Poems, reviews, short stories, essays, free thoughts, rants, songs, drawings, etc are all welcome. Your own or someone else’s. Collaborations are welcome too.

You can send your subs to the carni page or email them to me directly at demonista at gmail dot com with the necessary info included. (I still haven’t figured the carni page doohickey out yet–does the page send subs to me?)

I haven’t decided on one theme, so here are some suggestions:

-cuntspeak (what a shocker choice for me! for an explication see this and/or that)

-feminist erotic fanfiction and slash: an oxymoron?

-radical feminism and animal rights/veganism/animal liberation

-radical feminism and anarchism: similarities, diffs, failures of anarchism

- radical feminist music

-can a trans woman be a radical feminist?

-radical feminism and womanism/indigenous solidarity/antiracism/analysing white privilege

-first person political: the personal is political, consciousness-raising

-activism tales (eg taking on pornographers, leaving abusive men, anti-Israeli war protest…)

Hmm…maybe there is a theme: intersections?

I look forward to all the amazing submissions! Officially, submissions are due March 3, but I can take them up to the 8th thru my email if you let me know beforehand.

Peace in! :D

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I have an interview to volunteer for women's crisis services next week (battered women's shelter). There is a lot of training for it, with interferes with my gender and visual culture class, so I'll probs drop the class. The other classes I have are violence against women, analysis of social issues, feminist philosophy, and the african diaspora. I'm actually debating dropping a couple, but I'm definitely keeping the violence against women and feminist phil.

In the past month, I've been reading about: serial killers/rapists torturing hundreds of women in Juarez, Mexico; eating disorders and patriarchy; a novel about a boy raped by two men, then becoming anorexic and otherwise traumatised; articles, mostly from Adult Video News, on the porn industry and the fucking fucked up, but normal, tortures they call sex, like rape, trafficking, forced street prostitution, racist conceptions of black men, etc. in good news, also a book of poetry by alice walker called a poem traveled down my arm. walker is fantastic, i'd quote half the book if i could, so will just make a near-future post of around a dozen of my fave poems from it. also, julian real's blog: he's awesomesauce.

I also see that my wordpress blog ( is getting hits from men looking for child porn, rape porn, bestiality porn, etc. underage photos of dorothy stratten (killed and raped by her pimp husband at 20), "men violating women," "dog violates woman," even a search for a specific "man-girl sex" website *BARFS*

I'll be posting the Alice Walker poems to my other blog, as well as an article I'll write about how the Vancouver 2010 Olympics will effect people in prostitution, esp in the downtown eastside, but also "escorts" and whatnot. native women in the downtown eastside get the worst of it (eg abusive johns, pimps, drug addiction, homelessness, ptsd, physical health problems...)

In *squeee* news, interspersed the stuff that is depressing: my fangirliness for the nuke (luke and noah from as the world turns) fanfic, and the gay storylines of roman/deniz and christian/oliver on german soaps (subtitled storylines, of course). Here's a couple vids of the latter two. Tis lovely.

(for the second, feel free to skip to about 2:50, wink wink, nudge nudge :P)

And a song that goes well for both couples (Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Lastly, lest anyone think that I believe male-female sexuality irredeemable and always cruel or mindnumbingly dull, there is an indie Canadian film called Dirty that has decent representations of het sex (graphic, but not explicit, I guess is how i can explain it). Although, a few aspects of the story were problematic, a lot of it was pretty damn good. Also, anything by Jeremy Podeswa is really good, and he represents a lot of forms of sexuality: gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, triad relationships, etc. Just sayin' :P And he does come across as anti-prostitution, at least based on Eclipse (one white guy who is portrayed as an asshole uses a native man in prostitution, as well as his latina (i think) maid), as well as his film of patrick roscoe's excellent short story, "my lover's touch" called touch. fucking traumatising to see and read, but needs to be seen/read. 

Lastly, lastly, Blue October does EXCELLENT songs about trauma, esp child sexual abuse, mental illness, self-harm... like Razorblade, HRSA, Crazy Man/His Name Is Crazy, Overweight, Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek, Angel, etc

Gotta run! Library computer is kicking me off in 2 min!

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Toronto Rally for a Progressive Coalition

Come on out to it! I’ll be there :)

Not only that, but Jack Layton, Mary Walsh, and Dion will too !!#%^E%$&Q!

In bad news, Michaelle Jean, our Governer General, has let Harper prorogue parliament (suspend it till the end of January). DAMMIT!!!


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(no subject)

Clara Hilts, Chris, and Kaleigh Mason...all fantastic!!! performers (music, voice, lyrics) i saw this weekend. another day rises kicked ass too :)

A funny: last night, i meet these two boys who were friends. one's last name was snyder. the other looked a hell of a lot like jake silbermann/noah. heehee! if ya don't know what i mean: and heehee :P

Y'all should see Five Ring Circus. It's aboot the 2010 Olympics.

And here's a indie news report on the Olympics Guess who is one of the interviewed? :P My friend Dan Kellar is also in it. His quotes are better than mine ;)
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(no subject)

just to let y'all know, i'm done with the clusterfuck that my previous post became. all comments were unscreened, but the ones i don't wanna respond to, i won't.

here's some songs. they're good for the soul:

PJ Harvey - Man Size

Tracy Chapman - Why?
Manic Street Preachers - Are Mothers Saints?
(skip ahead to 2:16 for it)
Consolidated - Unity of Oppression

Immani Coppola - Legend of a Cowgirl

Holly McNarland - Elmo

and here's my interview for the carnival of radical feminists. carnival here.

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Porn...again, wanna write an antiporn paper together?, and a couple updates

I want to see that doc. Max Hardcore should have also been jailed for rape, not just the content of his porn.

fantastic essay/rant maggie!

Rape Crisis Scotland campaign

site for women who have survived prostitution.

via Maggie's antipornography site, SM Berg. Now I know what she sounds like! :P

for people who are under the delusion that porn is this fringe industry, that it's easy to escape, etc.

to bridge the two subjects:
does anyone want to write a rebuttal of pro-porn arguments, eg those brought up in response to the price of pleasure, with me? i have some people in mind, including allecto, maggie hays, cruelbitch...

I wanna say something about physical trauma: the damage done physically has little to do with consent to the act(s). Meaning, a cut, burn, whip lash, etc does the same damage to the body whether with or without consent. (Knowledge that it will happen does mitigate the damage to some degree, eg because one can "steel oneself" for it.) Trauma done to the body is handled by the body in much the same way, whether consensual or not, eg endorphins, adrenaline, pain, etc. I think useful parallels can be drawn between the physical trauma done in bdsm, and self-harm, eating disorders, etc. The body responds the exact same ways to starvation, whether it's from famine/no access to food, self-imposed, or done by another as part of bdsm (eg in dungeon "play," 24/7 d/s relationships). Wounds go through the same process of happening, healing, etc. whether done by the self, done by another, consensually, or nonconsensually. Mentally, it is processed differently, to be sure. But the concrete HARM inflicted on the body is the same.

Now for, me!

Fuck! On the weekend a pipe broke in my room, resulting in mucho water. Needless to say, things got wet and blechy. It was mainly notebooks, clothes, carpet... :(

And I'm VP of Journalists for Human Rights - Laurier Chapter now :D

Busy wee bee, I am.
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Guess what I did this weekend?!?

Just a little revolution! :D

It made a bunch of other sites with the Canadian Press--they gave a slanted-to-cops story, that just had lies, like saying I was only locked down for an hour when it was really 3. We also made Toronto CTV's local news. The first news story!

But it's depressing how so few of the comments to the news stories have been positive. One called me a "bimbo," several said I should  get run over by the Spirit Train, one said I need to be in the psych ward on suicide watch, some have called me "horrible" "crackpot" etc. Some are very overtly racist and sexist (racist because it was in part for Indigenous land rights).

I can make more details avail if needed/asked :)
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