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Callout for the Cuntspeak Carnival!


This carnival takes it name from Jane Caputi's honourific theory of cuntspeak, in Not for Sale and here. This has also been started in part because of the past Carnival Against Pornography and Prostitution. However, this carnival will also discuss positive sexuality.

I would like this carnival to be about things such as:

-analysing the word "cunt", eg can it be reclaimed? does it offer a strong feminist analysis, eg in inventing new words, naming new ways of Be-ing, speaking, etc?

-developing a sexuality that is gynocentric, clitorocentric, biophilic, egalitarian and/or politically Lesbian

-can one be a political Lesbian and be sexually involved with a man/men?

-what is sex? to society? to you?

-building bridges between fab-women and trans women (politically, socially, etc)? what is transphobia? transmisogyny? how does one reconcile being trans with being a radical feminist--is it hard, or do they go hand in hand?

-women of colour and radical feminism

-white women, middle-class women, and so on writings on economic privilege, straight privilege, whites as raced, etc.

-disability and sexuality

-intersections between oppressions, within and "outside of" sex(uality)

-honourific representations (eg poems, drawings, sculptures, possibly movies) of female sexuality (both already existing and created by you) of female sexuality, vulvas, lesbianism, etc.

-what is "cuntspeak" to you? what does a cuntspeak sexuality look like? smell, taste, feel like? does the cunt think?

-what tries to kill off cuntspeak? destroy our connection with the cunt?

-can men be cuntspeakers? can a heterosexual woman? a trans woman?

-theory to action: acting on one's views, putting cuntspeak philosophies into practice, eg in organisations, communities, relationships, activism, etc

The above are just suggestions, and by no means an exhaustive list.
What do people think? Is this something you'd be interested in? Would participate in?
Any other ideas?

At this point, I'm gauging interest, and haven't decided on deadlines or anything :)

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