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I've lj-friends only'ed several of my recent posts on porn, because I've been linked to on pro-porn blogs lately. The will remain such for a while, but probably not permanently. Just waiting for the storm to end. The main reason for this is they are not only focusing on me, but on my friends and other supportive comments. And they are saying complete anthro poop about us. If you want to read those entries, and aren't on my flist, and you're an awesome feminist, I'll friend ya back. Or I can email it to you.

I'm sure others have things to say about the way our words have been misheard and twisted, so either comment on this open entry, or on the newly friends-only recent entries.

I won't be able to respond to comments, or unscreen future ones until Monday. I'm going to a Journalists for Human Rights Conference in Toronto this weekend, and I need to leave this evening for it. But I'll be getting the 10pm bus from K-Town--the last one of the night--because I've a Medical Ethics night class. So if you're near the Toronto Greyhound station/around Spadina/around U of T/at the conference, maybe I'll see ya around ;)

But, I will be missing tomorrow's Critical Mass in KW, which is gonna be freakin' massive and awesome. I hope to live this one vicariously through videos, photos, and stories about it. This will be the only one I've missed since the first one of this year (in April, I believe). It's always awesome tho, even when for August's one, we only had about thirty people. This one will have over 200, easily. And I heard it'll be pirates vs ninjas! hahaha...come hell or high water, I definitely want to go to the Hallowe'en CM. Shit--it'll be ace.

Oh, also, my essay "I'd slice her: Feminism, Pornography, and Sex" was published at the other university in Waterloo's Women's Centre publication, Voices. Yays! It was slightly edited, revised and shortened before I sent it in.

So for a little bragging to help brighten my day :P, this is what the editor said in response to my submission:

"Wow! That is brilliant. Thank you so much for writing this. I was really hoping that someone would submit something on the ejaculation industry (much better term) and this is perfect. I've only read over it for content. Everything flows really well, the arguments are set up naturally, and it made me very angry/frustrated with the ejaculation industry all over again as I read it. Fantastic.
"No worries about taking your time. It is a very well-written and edited article. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this together and doing it with such care.
"Thank you again for this submission. I really do appreciate it."

Here are some more fantastic songs:

Sarah Slean - Sweet Ones
Public Enemy - Fight the Power
PJ Harvey - Sheela Na Gig
Ani DiFranco - Letter to a John
Manic Street Preachers w/Traci Lords  - Little Baby Nothing
Blue October - Angel

* I have audio of the Slean and Manics songs, and can make upload them if requested.
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