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incorrigible radical feminist

What you want is in the blood, Senators
8 October 1987
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I'm 23 now. Favourite people include andrea dworkin, melissa farley, nikki craft, john stoltenberg, shere hite, ntozake shange, francesca lia block, the manic street preachers, tori amos, pj harvey, kathleen hanna, propagandhi, margaret atwood, christine stark, sheila jeffreys, and assorted awesome friends. i am determined to be an incorrigible radical feminist (none if that wimpy liberal or moderate feminism for me). my fave type of food are fruit. i'm a struggling vegan--struggling because beggars can't be choosers.

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Demonista has had the amazing talent to be banned from (*wring teh drama hands*):
go figure. communities supposedly inclusive of radical feminism, anti-porn, and such are inconsistently so when you actually place your beliefs on the line. others have told me of how they've been silenced through self-censorship and attacks on their beliefs when they've stated they're opposed to sadopatriarchy ("bdsm"), porn, etc. it's their comm, so they can run it how they wish, but i think they should be more honest.

"capital letters are overrated." - me

"i dunno why. i just know it is." - me failing at being philosophical ;)

"I'm a radical feminist. Not the fun kind." - Andrea Dworkin

"but i am fun. a lot of the times. i'm just not naive. or vapid. nor do i stick my head in the sand and go "lalala! patriarchy doesn't exist! it's just my imagination!"" - me again

these are a few of my fave authors (followed by books of theirs i've read and loved, of course):

andrea dworkin (woman hating, our blood, pornography, ice and fire, intercourse, letters from a warzone, mercy, life and death, scapegoat, right wing women, etc.)

sheila jeffreys (anticlimax, unpacking queer politics, beauty and misogyny, the idea of prostitution)

catharine mackinnon (toward a feminist theory of the state, only words, in harm's way (with dworkin), women's lives, men's laws, are women human?)

john stoltenberg (refusing to be a man, the end of manhood, what makes pornography "sexy"?)

francesca lia block (weetzie bat series, girl goddess #9, echo, i was a teenage fairy, the rose and the beast, violet & claire, etc.)

anne jones (next time she'll be dead, women who kill)

laura lederer (take back the night: women on pornography (ed.))

diana russell (rape in marriage, the politics of rape, the secret trauma, making violence sexy (ed.), etc.)

melissa farley (prostitution, trafficking, and traumatic stress (ed.))

rebecca whisnant and christine stark (not for sale (eds.)

robin ruth linden, et al. (against sadomasochism (eds.))

robert munsch (paper bag princess, love you forever, etc.)

margaret atwood (alias grace, bodily harm, good bones, good bones and simple murders, murder in the dark, the edible woman, power politics, etc)

joyce carol oates (zombie, foxfire: confessions of a girl gang, blonde, starr bright will be with you soon (as rosalind smith, i think), first love, etc)

alice walker (the color purple, possessing the secret of joy, warrior marks, by the light of my father's smile, etc)

jean genet (the thief's journal)

evelyn lau (runaway: diary of a street kid, inside out: reflections on a life so far, you are not who you claim)

patrick roscoe (birthmarks, the truth about love)

anne sexton (the complete poetry of anne sexton)

walt whitman (leaves of grass)

arthur rimbaud (a season in hell)

tori amos (piece by piece with anne powers)

traci lords (underneath it all)

jean kilbourne (deadly persuasion, aka can't buy my love)

pamela paul (pornified) - HESITANTLY INCLUDED

ariel levy (female chauvinist pigs)

merilee strong (a bright red scream)

christopher kendall (gay male pornography, gendered outcasts and sexual outlaws)

susan bordo (unbearable weight)

michelle wallace (black macho and the myth of superwoman)

naomi wolf (beauty myth)

janice raymond (women as wombs)

joan smith (misogynies, different for girls)

kate millett (sexual politics, the basement, prostitution papers)

frederick douglass (my bondage and my freedom, narrative in the life of a slave)

diane bell and renate klein (radically speaking: feminism reclaimed)

audre lorde (sister outsider, coal)

rus ervin funk (stopping rape)

jane caputi (goddesses and monsters, the age of sex crime)

germaine greer (whole woman, madwoman's underclothes)

carol anne douglas (love and politics)

deborah l. tolman (dilemmas of desire)

leora tanenbaum (slut!, catfight)

lal coveney, et al. (sexuality papers)

susan cole (pornography and the sex crisis, power surge)

phyllis chesler (about men, women and madness, letters to a young feminist)

more to come!

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these are some of my fave websites:
www.staybeautiful.net - it seems to be dead. I'm so effing heartbroken. I want the Manics! But I'll keep it on in rememberance of its greatness.
alice walker, always causing legal unrest, amanda marshall, anarchism, andrea dworkin, ani difranco, animal liberation, animal rights, ann jones, anne koedt, anti-fgm, anti-g-spot, anti-gender, anti-intercourse, anti-millionaires, anti-pedophilia, anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, anti-racism, atheism, audre lorde, beatles, bell hooks, beth hart, bif naked, bikini kill, bisexuality, biting beaver, blondie, boys of st. vincent, brendan fletcher, cat stevens, catharine mackinnon, children's rights, children's suffrage, christine stark, christopher kendall, clitoral anatomy, clitoral orgasm, cold case, consolidated, cunnilingus, cyndi lauper, david bowie, de clarke, depeche mode, diana russell, dolores claiborne, edge of seventeen, equality, erasure, eve ensler, fat liberation, feminism, fiona apple, foxfire, francesca lia block, frederick douglass, garbage, gay rights, genderless people, go gos, grass roots, heart, hole, holly cole, homelessness, human rights, james baldwin, janice raymond, janis joplin, jeremy podeswa, jewel, joan jett, joan osbourne, john stoltenberg, kate millett, kathleen hanna, lilith fair, manic street preachers, margaret atwood, marilyn frye, martin gore, masturbation, maya angelou, melissa etheridge, melissa farley, menarche, menstruation, metallica, nawal el saadawi, nick stahl, nicky wire, nicky/richey, nikki craft, no child of mine, no doubt, no status quo, ntozake shange, outercourse, pacifism, pansexuality, patrick roscoe, paula cole, pj harvey, politicizing the personal, pretty boys, pro-abortion, pro-choice, queer by choice, queer by society, radical feminism, rebecca whisnant, revolution, richey edwards, richey james, richey/nicky, robert jensen, robin morgan, roseanne, rus ervin funk, sapiosexuality, sarah mclachlan, sarah slean, savage garden, self defense, self preservation, sex-critical, sexual individuals, sheila jeffreys, shere hite, social constructionism, speciesism, split enz, stan goff, steve schacht, susan cole, tears for fears, the clash, the smiths, the vagina monologues, tori amos, tracy chapman, twist, veganism, vegetarianism, welfare rights, wild strawberries, women's rights, womyn